Gov't urged to anticipate traffic snarls during Eid exodus

Gov’t urged to anticipate traffic snarls during Eid exodus

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Speaker of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) Bambang Soesatyo has urged the government to anticipate traffic congestion during the 2022 Eid homecoming exodus period.

“I urge the government, in this case, the Ministry of Transportation, together with the Directorate of Traffic Police, Traffic and Road Transportation Office of the Ministry of Transportation, to anticipate as early as possible the potential for heavy traffic jams during the 2022 Eid homecoming exodus period,” he said in a press release issued here on Wednesday.

According to a survey by the Ministry of Transportation, around 23 million cars and 17 million motorcycles will be used by homecomers to travel to their hometowns this year.

Soesatyo asked the government to formulate a strategy to regulate the flow of the Eid homecoming exodus, for example, by using traffic engineering, starting from the implementation of the odd-even traffic policy, one-way traffic plan, to prohibiting trucks from entering toll roads.

He asked related institutions to jointly monitor the flow of Eid travelers, including by regulating traffic, especially at locations prone to congestion, such as toll entrances and exits, rest areas, markets, and gas stations.

According to Soesatyo, local governments can coordinate the preparations needed, including formulating the right scheme for anticipating traffic jams and accidents to ensure a safe and smooth trip for homecomers.

“The government must show its commitment to ensuring the readiness of toll roads and non-toll roads for the 2022 Eid homecoming exodus,” he stressed.

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The MPR speaker appealed to people planning to take part in the exodus to adjust their departure times in a bid to avoid travel congestion.

This year, taking note of the improvement in the COVID-19 situation, the Indonesian government has allowed people to travel to their hometowns to celebrate Eid.

The trips will be allowed as long as prospective homecomers complete their primary and booster vaccinations. Those who have not received the booster dose will need to show a negative COVID-19 test result.

The Transportation Ministry has estimated that 85.5 million citizens, or 31.6 percent of the total population, will take part in the Eid homecoming exodus. 

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