Deputy Governor urges spectators at JIS to uphold ethics

Deputy Governor urges spectators at JIS to uphold ethics

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Deputy Governor of Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria has urged spectators and supporters attending matches at Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) to maintain ethics and etiquette, and refrain from actions that may disrupt the matches.

“Supporters and spectators of any events hosted at the stadium must respect each other and maintain personal ethics and manners,” Patria said at Jakarta City Hall on Monday.

He confirmed that the authority is currently investigating incidents of alleged racism and sexual harassment involving spectators who attended the match between Bali United and Atletico Madrid U-18 teams on Wednesday (April 13, 2022).

“JIS has been developed as an international-level stadium that will be our pride. We have observed matches hosted in the stadium, and we are proud of it,” the deputy governor remarked.

Earlier, Twitter account @addogerardo published information about racism and sexual harassment acts committed by some spectators at the stadium.

Besides reporting racist taunts shouted by some spectators at an Atletico Madrid footballer, the account also reported that other spectators catcalled a female medical staff while she ran to the field to assist an injured Bali United footballer.

The account also published a video of a stadium official, through the stadium’s public announcement system, urging spectators to maintain ethics and good manners.

“Your behavior is the reflection of your personal capacity,” announced the stadium official, as per the video posted by the @addogerardo Twitter account on Sunday (April 17, 2022).

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Responding to the racism and sexual harassment incidents during the match, the International Youth Championship (IYC) organizer promised firm action to prevent harassment in future matches.

“Regarding the racism and sexism acts that occurred during the International Youth Championship match on April 13, 2022, the International Youth Championship Organizing Committee expressed much regret on the incident,” the championship organizing committee stated in a release issued on Saturday (April 16, 2022).

For the four remaining matches, the organizing committee confirmed that it would take firm action to prevent similar incidents through public announcements, forced removal of spectators, or suspension of the match, if found necessary. 

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