Collaboration necessary to eradicate cybercrime: legislator

Collaboration necessary to eradicate cybercrime: legislator

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Collaboration between service providers and users is necessary to eradicate cybercrime, member of Commission I of the House of Representatives (DPR), Christina Aryani, has said.

“Realizing a digital ecosystem safe from cybercrime necessitates a collaborative effort,” she remarked during a Knitting Nusantara webinar entitled ‘Avoiding Cyber Crime in Digital Transactions’ on Saturday.

This means that the awareness of service users also plays a role, not just providers, she explained.

Digital service providers are responsible for developing sustainable safety systems.

Meanwhile, digital service users need to watch out for all kinds of cybercrimes and protect their personal data so that no irresponsible party can misuse it.

In relation to service users’ responsibility in securing the digital world from cybercrime, Aryani urged Indonesian citizens to share information on cybercrimes, including threats.

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“Sharing is caring. Tell your friends, families, and even neighbors about threats related to cybercrime,” she advised.

Collaborative efforts to ensure the security of the digital world accessed by Indonesians have become more important because of the increasing trend of cyber attacks.

Indonesia’s National Cyber and Crypto Agency (BSSN) recorded 741.4 million cyber attacks in the period from January to July 2021.

This figure showed a nearly twofold increase compared to the number of attacks detected by BSSN in 2020, which was pegged at 495.3 million.

“This is what all parties must understand,” Aryani remarked.

She then urged people to be careful when performing all types of digital transactions because the sector is the second-most frequent target of cyber attacks after the government sector. 

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