Government should start developing qualified human resources: BKKBN

Government should start developing qualified human resources: BKKBN

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Various preparations for the party have been made, but they have not checked their health condition before pregnancy

Banyuasin, South Sumatra (ANTARA) – National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) Head Hasto Wardoyo urged the government to change the state’s course of thought that originally focused on development of non-renewable natural resources (SDA) to qualified human resources (HR).

“Several infrastructure developments had become a priority, including the opening of tourist attractions in physical development. However, if infrastructure is a priority, then human resource development is a very important priority,” Wardoyo told ANTARA in Tabuan Asri Village, Banyuasin District, South Sumatra, Tuesday.

According to advice from experts at universities, without shifting opportunities in the development of SDA, the country will experience difficulties since its human resources are not yet qualified.

Hence, a change in mindset is deemed necessary to encourage families to plan every birth, from a young age, through medical examinations for each prospective bride and groom.

This is since until now, the culture of prioritizing pre-wedding aspects is still deeply rooted in society as compared to paying attention to the health of prospective mothers, who will carry babies in future, Wardoyo stated.

“Pre-wedding preparations are done, but they do not prepare for the pre-conception phase. Various preparations for the party have been made, but they have not checked their health condition before pregnancy,” he pointed out.

With a regulation for health examination, inaugurated by the BKKBN along with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, for every bride and groom three months before marriage, Wardoyo is optimistic that every family can become more sensitive and pay close attention to the health condition of women in Indonesia.

If the prospective bride is declared as not being eligible for pregnancy based on the pre-marital health check-up, then the BKKBN will not prohibit the couple from getting married. However, the bride and groom will receive assistance from the Family Assistance Team (TPK) to improve the health condition of the couple, especially the prospective bride.

In Banyuasin District, South Sumatra, the BKKBN has deployed 577 teams comprising 1,671 personnel to assist families in producing superior and qualified people.

The team is formed to support the government’s efforts to reduce stunting prevalence in Indonesia to 14 percent by 2024.

To reduce stunting prevalence in Indonesia, the BKKBN continues to increase the budget, such as the non-physical Special Budget Fund (DAK) for Banyuasin District of Rp6 billion in 2021 and the family planning operational assistance (BOKB) fund in Banyuasin District of Rp8 billion for 2022 to reduce stunting prevalence in the region.

On the occasion, Wardoyo lauded the Banyuasin district government’s work in reducing stunting to 22 percent, below the national average at 24.4 percent.

“I am happy that the stunting rate is 22 percent, far below the national figure, meaning that this region is successful in reducing stunting. It is a sign that human development has become a priority program in Banyuasin District and South Sumatra Province,” he concluded.

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