House Speaker urges entrepreneurs to pay employees' Eid allowance

House Speaker urges entrepreneurs to pay employees’ Eid allowance

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – House of Representatives (DPR RI) Speaker Puan Maharani has urged entrepreneurs to pay Eid al-Fitr bonuses (THR) to their workers according to prevailing regulations.

“Workers’ rights for receiving the Eid al-Fitr bonuses must be assured. According to prevailing regulations, employers must pay the allowance to their workers in full by the latest seven days before the religious holiday,” Maharani said in her statement received here on Sunday.

She pointed out that Government Regulation No. 36 of 2021 on Wage and Manpower Ministry Regulation No. 6 of 2016 on Religious Allowance for Workers must be referred by entrepreneurs for the allowance payment.

For the last two years, entrepreneurs have been given leniency on the Eid allowance payment to lessen business burdens during the COVID-19 pandemic, the speaker said.

This year, entrepreneurs must pay the Eid bonuses for their employees in full according to ministerial regulations, and those who fail to pay the allowance will get sanctioned, she warned.

“The provision of Eid allowance is the entrepreneurs’ obligation to their workers. If their companies are late or fail to disburse the allowance, they will be sanctioned,” Maharani said.

The speaker cautioned that late allowance disbursement would be troublesome to the workers, particularly when the government allows the Eid homecoming journey to be performed again as the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Indonesia gradually improves.

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“The Eid allowance must be transferred before the workers arrive at their hometown. Provision of the allowance will make workers return to their hometown in content heart,” she said.

Maharani reminded entrepreneurs of not paying the Eid allowance in instalments despite the practice being earlier tolerated.

“Our economy is gradually recovering, hence, no reason to delay or cut the workers’ Eid bonuses,” the speaker remarked.

She then asked workers to file a report to relevant authorities, such as the Manpower Ministry or the legislature, if they experience violations of their Eid allowance right.

“We open our doors to residents’ aspiration as the legislature has a supervision duty. Please file your complaints to various channels that the House has,” Maharani said.

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