UN should exercise prudence before dropping members' rights: Indonesia

UN should exercise prudence before dropping members’ rights: Indonesia

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The UN General Assembly should exercise prudence and not drop its members’ official rights before having all existing facts

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia has stated that the United Nations General Assembly should be prudent before dropping its member’s official rights unless it has already collected all facts.

The statement, received from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, follows the resolution adopted by the UN Emergency Special Session on April 7, 2022, pertaining to the suspension of Russia’s membership in the UN Human Rights Council.

The resolution was adopted through a poll in which 93 countries supported, 24 rejected, and 58 voted abstain, including Indonesia.

“In the explanation of vote, the Indonesian Permanent Representative to the UN Arrmanatha Christiawan Nasir stressed that those who were responsible for human rights violation must be held accountable and brought to justice,” the statement noted.

Hence, Indonesia believed that the Independent International Commission of Inquiry established should be offered opportunities to work objectively and transparently as well as report its findings.

In addition, the Human Rights Council in Geneva should be provided access to work transparently and report its findings.

“The UN General Assembly should exercise prudence and not drop its members’ official rights before having all existing facts. The UN General Assembly may not create negative precedents that can undermine its credibility as a respectable body,” the statement noted.

Indonesia also urged all parties to stop violence and strive for peace through dialogs and diplomacy, it added.

“That is the only way that can stop the suffering and the increasing number of casualties in Ukraine as well as prevent worse impacts of the war on a larger scale,” according to the statement. 

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