Two years on, Lebak BPBD yet to relocate flood victims

Two years on, Lebak BPBD yet to relocate flood victims

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Lebak, Banten (ANTARA) – The Lebak District Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD), Banten Province, is yet to relocate the victims of the 2020 Lebak flash flood due to the lack of availability of safe spaces.

“We have searched a space for the relocation, but all of them have the potential to (be impacted) by natural disasters,” Lebak BPBD’s acting head Febby Rizky Pratama said in Lebak on Saturday.

According to him, the local government is still struggling to build safer permanent housing for flash flood victims due to this potential risk.

Most of the flash flood victims are currently in Lebak Gedong Sub-district, specifically at the foot of Mount Halimun Salak, which faces the risk of flash floods and landslides, Pratama explained.

In 2020, a flash flood had ravaged 378 homes in the sub-districts of Lebak Gedong, Curug Bitung, Cipanas, and Sajira.

Two years on, the victims are still staying in “temporary housing” similar to shacks that were built jointly by the locals and volunteers.

“The best solution is to relocate them outside of the sub-district, but to (an area) safe from natural disasters, compared to the foot of Mount Halimun Salak,” Pratama said.

There were at least nine people who died in the flash floods in Lebak Gedong, he added.

“We ask the victims who live in Cigobang temporary housing to be patient and (we will) ensure that the permanent housing can be realized in 2022,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Iyan (60), a community leader at Cigobang temporary housing I, said that his community has lived in unlivable shacks for more than two years.

The temporary shack measures 4×4 m in width, and Iyan is forced to cram into it with his family to sleep.

Around 86 household heads in Cigobang temporary housing I also experienced health problems.

“We hope the local government can soon realize the permanent housing, so (we) can live safer, healthier, and more comfortable,” he said. 

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