Moeldoko optimistic of boost in vaccinations during Ramadan

Moeldoko optimistic of boost in vaccinations during Ramadan

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Jakarta (ANTARA) – Chief of Presidential Staff Moeldoko said he is optimistic that the COVID-19 vaccination rate will continue to increase during Ramadan as the Indonesian Ulema Council has issued a fatwa stating that vaccines do not cancel fasting.

“The momentum for the congregational tarawih prayers in mosques and prayer rooms can be a medium for vaccination. I expected that the people gathering can be used to push for vaccination (rate),” he said in a written statement received here on Saturday.

Religious leaders also expressed their support for efforts to push up the COVID-19 vaccination rate, according to the results of a meeting on vaccination preparations and the imposition of health protocols during Ramadan with relevant ministries and institutions, he said.

He also urged the Health Ministry to ensure the availability of vaccines in various regions. He asked the ministry to not let the public down due to supply not meeting demand.

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In addition, he also urged the relevant ministries to involve religious and community leaders in disseminating information about circulars from government officials regarding the implementation of worship in the month of Ramadan and Eid homecoming activities.

President Joko Widodo has announced that Muslims can conduct Tarawih prayers and Eid prayers en masse at masjids while still following the health protocols. The government has also allowed people to travel to their respective hometowns to celebrate Eid.

The government requires prospective travelers to take a booster dose. Travelers who have only received the first or second dose of the vaccine will need to show a negative COVID-19 test result, either through antigen or PCR tests. 

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